Perod Associates | Planning Your Home or Condo Remodel
Perod Associates works with you in the planning of your home or condo remodel in Naples, Marco Island or all of Southwest Florida.
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Planning Your Project

The beginning of your project begins with your call to our firm.  Your initial contact person, Clif Crockett, will be your contact throughout your project. Your primary interview will be an informational meeting. The extent of the project, possible materials, and estimated timelines will be discussed.  The next meeting will be specific as to materials, quality of materials, colors, timing and methods at payment. There will be a formal contract signed by both parties and a beginning date will be set.


The items that will be in the contract include extent of work, i.e. complete kitchen which may include cabinets, flooring, countertops, back-splashes, plumbing fixtures, types of sinks, cabinets handles and any other item mentioned in the initial meeting.  Specific colors for any construction materials, including paint will be in the contract.  If there is an interior designer involved, they may also be part of the contract.  All change orders will be in writing and agreed to by both parties.


Work schedules can be difficult since many residents don’t want construction to interfere with their visit to Florida.  We will accommodate your schedule with your approval.  Our past clients can confirm our willingness to work with the client to complete the job on a timely schedule.


We make sure that you comply with your HOA rules regarding renovation or restoration of your property.  All necessary permits will be pulled by the contractor.  Inspections and any other regulatory issues will be handled by the contractor.  Inspections by the homeowner are encouraged.


Our aim is to make your project an experience that will be fulfilling in that you get what you want in a timely manner.  Your satisfaction is our goal.

A Few Words From Our Customers